Our Services

Our Services

Operations Support

Alpha Integrate IT Services offers a comprehensive range of computer networking solutions everything you need for an efficient and secure business network. From routine maintenance services to regular updates, upgrades and support services, we help businesses of all sizes meet their IT challenges. We know that there is no single solution that will suit every organisation, so we work with you every step of the way to define and implement your ideal system.

Our unique advantage is in our deep dedication to service, providing trusted, swift and personalised care for your network. By regularly updating and upgrading software we ensure the security and reliability of your network, and our routine maintenance service protects your systems from viruses and spyware. We operate both remotely and on-site to serve you best and to save you valuable time in the event of an unexpected technical problem.

Networking/Network Consultation

At Alpha Integrate IT Services, we believe that customer satisfaction is the basis for a strong relationship. As the first step in our commitment to you, we are offering an IT Network Audit at absolutely no cost.

Our Networking Engineers and Systems Analysts will visit your office to conduct a feasibility study and give you a complete picture of your IT Hardware and Software Infrastructure- its strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for your business. This advanced diagnostic service will normally cost you a fee, but for a limited time we are offering this service for FREE. This means a sizable saving for your business, and a clearer picture of the security and effectiveness of your Network

Management Information Solutions

Alpha Integrate IT Services has extensive experience in providing Information Management solutions. We can help you realise the full potential of your databases and systems, with an assurance of high returns on investment.

Web hosting and Design

Alpha Integrate IT Services provides versatile and dependable one-stop website hosting and design services for companies of all sizes. This “under one roof” approach to hosting and design gives you a top quality website service without the difficulties of dealing with different suppliers. We can also assist you in upgrading your website to a level that befits your organization both from aesthetics point of view and security wise.

Procurement and Maintenance

Alpha Integrate IT Services provides on-site technical assistance, servicing and consulting anywhere in Nigeria. Client support is our highest priority, and we aim to improve your network solutions and provide IT support for all your business requirements. Our installation and on-site maintenance services include: Software installation and deployment; Network design and implementation; Prompt system repairs and Upgrades.

Our expert team of networking engineers and IT professionals will visit your home, office or campus to offer a truly personalised and dedicated service.

Training and E-Learning

Alpha Integrate IT Services offer training services to our customers who are willing to ensure that their staffs are well skilled to perform optimally for maximum utilization of IT resources at their disposal.

We provide training particularly in the Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; Access; Publisher; Outlook and InfoPath and Oracle SQL programming etc.

With e-learning people are technologically enabled to learn anywhere and anytime. Alpha Integrate IT Services can integrate e-learning modules into your existing website or build from scratch e-learning modules tailored to suit your academic institutes’ needs as required.

Security Services.

Internet security is more than just a firewall to protect your connection from unwanted visitors the management of your internet access is vital to how you do business.

Your cyber security policy must be proactive to effectively meet the global security demands of the 21st century. Alpha Integrate IT Services can offer the following range of cyber security infrastructure services.
Web Security: There are a lot of dangers in putting up a Web page. From invasions of privacy to actual hackers cracking your security. Alpha Integrate IT Services will help secure your Web server and site as well as observing best practices to prevent hacks and also make sure with up-to-date patches to keep you safe.
Data Security: As long as your business runs on information, much of it will always be confidential. Securing that sensitive data is one heck of a task. At the very least, Alpha Integrate IT Services will help you conform with regulations set by numerous customers, entities and organization so you don’t face fines for non-compliance or negligence, secure your data in all the ways it gets shared – in apps, on websites, and via email and allow access to data for business use while protecting it from misuse.
Network Security: Alpha Integrate IT Services deals with network security on two levels: offering hardware and software security solutions, and providing a sound training programme for your network users. Our network security engineers are experts in striking the delicate balance between providing adequate protection and not causing inconvenience to users ensuring, for instance, that a newly installed security firewall doesn’t affect the operation of other crucial software.
Email & Anti Virus/Spam Security :
Alpha Integrate IT Services offers a complete range of anti-spam services, including the elimination of any unwanted e-mail from mailboxes, allowing for an approved list of e-mail and domain addresses, and providing for e-mail filtering according to subject and content.

Our approach to virus protection is based on long-term commitment and vigilance. At Alpha Integrate IT Services we understand how essential effective virus protection is to the safety and longevity of your computer network, so we keep our engineers up to date on the latest threats and regularly update software to ensure your network is protected and completely virus-free.

Media Marketing and advertising

We have a place for you! From creating your media campaigns to final implementation our friendly and experienced staff would be at your service. The power of the website interface is in its efficiency and ability to not only perform optimally, in terms of look and feel, esthetics, and what have you…but to also have a maximum visibility. The big advantage and purpose of visibility is to target interested clients who are readily searching for the services you offer. The aim among others is to tremendously improve the google rating, SEO and further SEM!

Graphics Design

We have a place for you!  You can create your own design or if you are looking for a new image for your company or business, with our team of creative and talented graphic designers, Alpha Integrate IT Services can work with you to help create a bespoke corporate image at a very competitive price and in good time!

Our friendly and experienced staff can advise you on any aspect of your design concept based on what you do and stand for. Our range of products include customized wedding cards and programmes, business cards, posters, calendars, leaflets, letter heads, brochures, newsletters, annual reports and labels.

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